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Can one evening make a lasting difference
in how we relate to challenges in life?

Thousands of people of all ages who have experienced LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS enthusiastically say “yes!”

In this experiential evening, you will discover the ways your ideas have become your limitations, and how a simple shift changes everything… From how you feel to the results you get in life.

This dynamic, experiential evening features six powerful, results-producing breakthrough activities. In unforgettable ways, participants discover how empowered goalsetting, combined with directed, focused attention, turns the seemingly impossible into the inevitable.

You will take back power lost to doubt and fear and turn limitations into freedom. You’ll discover what‘s been stopping you from realizing their goals, and how to stay on target. You’ll learn to use “the goal beyond the goal” to access high level success and motivation.

Participants astonish themselves with what they can achieve as they let go of limiting beliefs in an exciting evening of high energy and adventure.

You’ll come away with a clear message: Our ideas of limitation are self-imposed. The workshop’s dramatic activities, whether experienced or witnessed, leave no room for doubt.

You’ll receive an infusion of confidence and new reference points for meeting challenges, and take home simple, effective tools for managing focus and accomplishing the “impossible.”

Here are just a few of the many ways people have described what LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS meant to them:

“…’Freedom’ was my answer when a friend asked what I gained…” Ana Lucia

“…I was able to see how I have given my power away, and know how it feels when I claim it back…” Lydia

“…It was a powerful, transformative experience that has affected everything I do, think and feel…” Teddi

“…You provide a loving, encouraging, supportive environment in which to make the utterly impossible, possible…” Ila

“…This was one of my all-time favorite experiences, ever…” Kiki

“…You opened the door but I did the rest… thank you for showing me how powerful I really am!” Ellen

“…The evening was unparalleled for fun as well as for spiritual uplift…” Dana

“…I’m not the same woman that woke up that Saturday morning…” Normie

“…I connected with my power. This was something that I will treasure all the days of my life…” Marietta

“…I can really choose what I am thinking… now I focus on my blessings rather than my misfortunes…” Catherine

“…I have been feeling so wonderful lately… I feel very powerful and playful, and I had lots of fun!…” Celia

“…I will take from that magical evening memories that will last a lifetime…” Katie

“…it provided powerful experiences that gave me new insights and blasted away limiting beliefs…” Frank

“…It was so inspiring, we will never look at this reality the same again…” Chad

“…Now, years later, when I am in a spiritual rut I use that very special night to help me center myself again…” Jim

“…I cannot begin to tell you how transformational the evening was. It showed me that growth and awareness can be great fun!…” Lynn

“…Thank you for the most incredible, eye-opening, mind-expanding experience of my life…” Rick

“…From that moment on, something inside of me changed forever…” Katie

“…My life has completely changed. I haven’t been afraid of anything since then…” Harriet

“…This whole week has been such a joy. I have a whole new confidence in myself…” Bob

“…I’m sure you have heard it countless times, but it really changed my life…” Annie

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Please join us for LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS, and discover what this powerful evening may do for you!