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My own transformational journey began during an “incurable” illness.

Following five years of desperate trips to emergency rooms, numerous hospital stays and endless medications, my weight had fallen from 160 to only 72 pounds. One afternoon, doctors told my family to expect my death within hours.

That evening, I began a quest for a new, more empowered understanding of life. Several months later, in the midst of a new crisis so severe that I became fully blind, what I had discovered enabled me to end the disease, literally in an instant.

Afterward, choosing to give back to others through service, I asked “where do I begin?” The answer was clear: To live more expansively, I needed to discover how to create a new relationship with doubt and fear, one which accepts them as allies rather than adversaries.

Now, for more than 20 years, I’ve had the great privilege of working with thousands of people individually and through hundreds of workshops, and I’m passionate about sharing Living Without Limits with you!


Chik Shank