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Roche Laboratories

Thank you for the extraordinary experience you provided for our Sales Division. We left as a completely different team, more excited about ourselves and what we can accomplish. This workshop built trust within our team unlike any other experience of its kind, and I find that my representatives are less resistant to facing challenges!
Cynthia Hotchner, Division Sales Manager

. . . . .

Harris Drury Cohen Advertising

..everybody was inspired. As we proceed down our path of reinvention as a company, your experiential leadership tested and strengthened our focus, our courage and our will — all critical elements of success in fulfilling our vision.
Michael Goldberg, President

. . . . .

Florida Department of Health

Some of the comments from our employees were:
Very entertaining and enlightening; Just what we needed!; Exciting!; Very dynamic; I was amazed!; fun to have participated; Very innovative and inspiring; Will definately make me think!; I CAN DO ANYTHING!
Heidi Agostino, Program Organizer, WIC Division

. . . . .

Transition, Inc.

I have been involved in many development training seminars in the past, but none compares with the quality of content, the impact of the experience, or the excitement that your workshop engendered in myself and in our employees.
John Andrews, Executive Director

. . . . .

SeaQuist Closures, Inc.

“The Power Is On” is on for us since your workshop! It gave us phenomenal take-away value for our personal lives as well as for our US Sales and Marketing team, and opened our minds to new possibilities. An added bonus: You made the experience a lot of fun for our group, too!
Alan P. Sica, VP Sales

. . . .

Mosaic Outdoor Club

What an amazing experience! Our members who attended are more energized, self-confident and motivated. They now know there need be no limits in their lives!
Rick Dronsky, Activities Director

. . . . .

Essence of Being Mastery Workshop

You demonstrated an extraordinary talent for enabling everyone in the workshop to experience themselves in new, powerful ways. You promised to enable them to turn the “impossible” into the inevitable, and you delivered!
Burge Smith, President

. . . . .

Enota Conference Center

You made “working outside the box” a reality, not just a concept, and proved that new decisions produce new outcomes! The experience was unforgettable.You inspire individuals and groups to move beyond their normal level of functioning to achieve amazing results.
Dr. Susan Fried, Proprietor