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Something transformed in me, and I got the message: I can do it, I can transform my life in a minute, I can do anything I want… I CAN! I experienced my own power in action and that energy has stayed with me.
Cecelia Harris, reporter

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The Miami Herald

I experienced the most incredible feeling of empowerment! I left with an adrenaline rush like no other and a spiritual reawakening that I really can do anything.
Annie Vazquez, Staff Writer

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Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

I knew I wasn’t the same person who arrived earlier that evening. Never again would I let “impossible” be part of my reasoning… I can do anything!
Magaly Morales, Staff Writer

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In my 15 years as a reporter, I have done some extraordinary reports, traveled to amazing and magical places, and met some truly remarkable people… and this was one of my all time favorite experiences, ever!
Kiki Garcia, Reporter

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College Television Network

I personally recommend this experience to anyone not afraid to live, who has within them the virtue of curiosity and the power to follow their heart and dreams. What happened in a mere five hours changed my perception of life forever!
Katie Brown, Reporter

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Miracle Journeys Magazine

The exhilaration was mind altering. When you focus your mind to a single idea, it takes on the power of a laser beam.
Damon Dickinson, Staff Writer